How long does it take to make a Website?

This article is your comprehensive guide to scheduling and budgeting your Small Business Website and Marketing Projects. We are going to cover your web campaign from the first steps of planning and hiring a web designer, to releasing news, updates and promoting your site via social media.

Building a Website from Scratch
Lots of small business owners are taking on the responsibility of designing a new website. The strategy varies, based on individual experience and research, but the amount of time invested can be vast. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen 3 different drafts of a website which hasn’t even been launched yet, all developed on different platforms! Really doing your research here, and deciding which content management solutions offers the richest set of features and plug-in’s for your business to use and grow with will be the #1 time-saving tip you’ll read about in this post. You need to be sure that you’re choosing a widely accepted and serviced platform, like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal and popular E-Commerce Platforms.

Remember, using most Web2.0 CMS Platforms separates the content and design/layout of your website! You can choose to prepare all of your content in a word processor to hand over to a web designer who will put the design and content together for you!

Building your own website, including research and learning, should take between 2 and 4 weeks.

Choosing a Web Designer

This topic heading should definitely be in its own post, or set of posts, or encyclopedia. Setting aside the oversea’s impersonal super cheap cookie cutter firms and the Kijiji and Craigslist scammers preying on small business owners,there are a few things that will make you click well with most web designers.

Any good web designer wants to help you and your business achieve your goals, so be upfront about what you are in need of accomplishing. If you have a budget constraint that will hold you back from setting up your dream website, let developers know upfront both what you need and how much you can spend – now and down the road. You will be presented with itemized schedule release plans for web development – from anybody worth hiring anyways.

Check pages given as references for some evidence that the website was actually built by the designer you are considering hiring. This can be a link back to the designer’s own website, or perhaps a quick call to the the number listed online to verify the information you’ve been provided.

Be as descriptive as possible, and provide examples, of layout, colours and features you need included in your website.

If you are requesting a price based on you completing some of the work, have it ready promptly. The web designer you hire, and give a deposit to, is generally on the hook for providing you a complete website by a given date. If you have requested a certain date for launch, and requested a lower price based on logos, graphics, e-commerce items and text being provided by you, don’t be surprised if your deposit expires when you don’t have your material ready by the agreed date. Your web designer has most likely built or customized a content management platform for your business, and shouldn’t be expected to hold your hand or continually ask for content that has not been submitted. If you don’t have the time, don’t agree to provide content!

A web developer should provide a comprehensive estimate which outlines turnaround times. The average should be between 1 and 2 weeks.

Updates, Promotion and Social Media

Promoting your website, keeping it up to date and managing social media accounts sound like very different things – but can be easily streamlined into an easy to use system. Sign up for a service like Hootsuite or ask your developer to create a system that is easy and effective, tailored to your business needs and seamless for users, no matter how they follow you.

Remember, whether you’re buildingyour own website or hiring a web designer, keep yourself informed, look at your options by utilizing search engines, and be sure to get atleast 3 quotes. Don’t just look at prices, be sure that you understand what you will get and when you will get it!


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